Good News! Silk d’Angkor Group joined force with School for a Happy Future! Silk Group will start training young people with practical skills, so they can find work and feel empowered to improve their living conditions. Last week, members of the management of Silk Group went to introduced themselves to the school, preparing food and bringing school materials for over 200 students.

We all love to make a positive difference everywhere we go, unless you have inherited the soul of Scrooge (in which case we can recommend a great local exorcist!); you avoid using plastic bottles? You stay in locally run accommodation (such as one of our properties), and spend your hard-earned incomes in Khmer-run business? We’re also committed to change! That’s why we have partnered with local NGO’s to create a charity network, a socially conscious ‘Give + Get’ network to empower travelers to make positive changes in Cambodia.

Patiently waiting for the end of your shift, under the dull neon light, alone, in your cubicle, and spinning on your chair, looking at idyllic beaches on your computer screen saver? We bet you a million Riel and all the sticky rice in the world, that one of those beach is located in Cambodia!